The latest Generation of PPB Boards and Blades 2016

Who we are?

We’re passionate about water sports. We always have been. Whether you’re talking about canoeing, kayaking, surfing, windsurfing, kiting, fishing, diving, or any kind of boating… name it and we’ve probably done it. We love being around and in the water and have great respect and appreciation for “watermanship” and the waterman lifestyle. When SUP came along we got hooked immediately. There’s nothing like SUP and we love the sport! You could say that we jumped in to SUP with both feet right away…literally! As our passion for the sport grew, so did our awareness that we could provide others with the same great experience. Our pursuit became the desire to build the best engineered boards for ever paddler’s style and every condition.

The Pursuit name

Pursuit is more than a name, it is a passion that sets you apart. Pursuit is a motivation, dedication and commitment that few will ever know or understand. When we considered a name for our paddleboard company we wanted to draw upon the essence of our Pursuit. Stand Up Paddling is both new and ancient, with its origin (along with all board sports) found in the Hawaiian Islands and its magnificent surfing history and heritage.

For us, our Pursuit has always driven us to the water. Paddle boarding shows us the natural beauty, awesome power, peaceful symmetry and uniqueness of water when it moves, and it entices us towards the waterman life. The name Pursuit epitomizes the challenge that all watermen (and women) take on when entering the water to work or play.

The PPB logo

The Pursuit Paddle Board logo is formed by three unified waves representing the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, and our Great Lakes region that we call home. These waves are unified in a tri-corner design that presents our company initials, PPB.

PPB product design

Our products have been designed by a team that has thousands of hours in the water either surfing, doing SUP, paddle sports, boating, etc. We have an equivalent level of board building and design experience. Our team has built and designed hundreds and hundreds of surf boards, paddle boards and other water craft. We have called upon their experience and challenged them to develop some exciting, high performing paddle boards. The results are found in our fresh and universally relevant board designs that appeal to a wide range of SUP enthusiasts. Whether your Pursuit is to ride waves, paddle in smooth conditions or anything in between, PPB has a model designed with you in mind.

We hope our company exemplifies an appreciation and respect for the heritage found in Paddle Boarding, and that you will find that our Pursuit has fostered products and a culture oriented towards what is best in SUP and the waterman lifestyle.

Second and Third Generation Pipeline story 2015

See below for the start of Pipeline Paddle Boards.  Here, we discuss the “perfected” PPB boards.  After cutting our teeth on several designs and engineering, we have developed a lineup of boards for all types of uses.  While we have kept all the designs from our original lineup, they have been radically re-engineered to perform!  Our longest board is now 11’6″ and our shortest 10′.  We have kept the popular Mushy and Swell the same.  Our models and designs now only come in one size/length but a few have different design/color options:

  1. Woodrow 11SIX by far the most popular design in the PPB lineup, it now comes in a 11’6″ long and 33″ wide model that can hold an amazing 320lb paddle boarder!  The design was only slightly tweaked to freshen up its look and the engineering radically changed to enhance the paddle board experience.  Part of that engineering was to design a concave bottom to help the flow of water move under the board and increase glide.
  2. Riptide 11SIX has the same exact specifications and engineering as the Woodrow but with radically updated, eye-catching graphics.
  3. Frontside 11SIX again, our flagship model, its specifications are the same as the Woodrow and Riptide with the exception of a measured width of 31″.  This allows for a more “performance” type ride for maximum glide and maneuverability.  Weight capacity is still a whopping 270lbs!
  4. Performance 11Zero in both a blue and red model this sleek beast has the ultimate glide.  One paddle stroke, if efficient, can propel you the full 11′ length of this board!  This board is also a “hybrid” in that it can be used in surf conditions due to its ability to be turned and maneuvered easily.  All this and still a 250lb weight capacity!
  5. Ripple 10ZERO in both a blue/purple and blue/pink model, a board small enough to fit in a minivan and yet a 230lb capacity!  It’s a great all-around board that can be used by small and big users all around.  With a massive width of 34″ it also is one of the most stable “small” boards you can ride.  Also a favorite for water-Yoga enthusiasts!
  6. Squid 11ZERO an epoxy and soft-top hybrid.  It has layers of figerglass that keep it rigid and long-lasting and EVA coating on the rails for durability.  It’s already a favorite of the rental market and Yoga enthusiasts.  Because of the fiberglass layers, we were able to engineer a surf foil for this board that helps its glide and stability.  A massive weight capacity of 280lbs makes it a great board for everyone!

While we believe our designs are as fresh as any in the industry, the engineering behind this generation of boards is unsurpassed!  They are built durable to last, engineered to perform and designed to impress! Pipeline Team 2014-2015