The 2017 PPB Family:

  • All PPB boards are distinctly engineered to the dimensions of the board to allow for the best user experience.  Whether you’re buying a board for race, glide, stability or maneuverability, we have a board to meet your needs or provide a great combination to suit even the most discerning user!  We have boards for: youth, yoga, racing, rental, touring and recreational.

“We build our boards durable to last, engineered to perform and designed to impress”


  • Pursuit Paddle Boards are engineered to be the most technologically advanced boards in the market.  Our exclusive Variable Layer Technology (VLT) allows us to construct a board that is the perfect balance of weight and strength.  Using a carefully chosen combination of EPS Foam, dual 6 oz. fiberglass and bamboo layers, Pursuit Paddle Boards have been designed to be the lightest and stiffest boards available.  The polished gloss gel coat helps protect your Pursuit Paddle Board in all water conditions.
  • The most important aspect in purchasing a board is to make sure your body weight does not exceed the recommended maximum weight limits of that particular board.  All Pipeline Boards have usage ratings based on their size and engineering.  Other than those criteria, you should choose the Pipeline Board design you like most!
  • Note that the one-way vent plug on the deck side near the top MUST never be covered!  It’s designed to exhaust gases from the Styrofoam inside your board.  Boards should never be stored directly in the sun for extended periods.

Call, write or contact your favorite dealer for answers to your questions, a demo or any inquiries.  Choosing the right board is just as important to us as it is to you!


The PPB Team